Signature Validity Check

Instructions for checking the validity of a digitally signed pdf document

The following instructions describe the procedure for verifying the validity of a qualified electronic signature on pdf documents as required by the European Regulation 910/2014 (also known as eIDAS).

1. Validity check via website

Visit HARICA’s website, a website based on European Union’s DSS Demonstration WebApp and upload the digitally signed document to check the validity of the signature.

If the qualified e-Signature is valid, the following information will be displayed:

2. Validity check via Adobe Acrobat Reader

Alternatively, use Adobe Acrobat Reader to verify the validity of the e-Signature.

CAUTION! Adobe Acrobat Reader is not a completely reliable tool for checking the validity of electronic signatures.

When you open a digitally signed document with a certificate using Adobe Acrobat Reader, the Signed and all signatures are valid checkmark should appear to ensure that the signature is valid and that the document has not been modified after signing. Click on the signature to see more information.

Select Signature properties.

Check that all the information displayed is valid and has been validated by Adobe Reader.

Check that there is a ribbon (a lock with the European Union logo) and a text next to it that says "This is a Qualified Electronic Signature according to EU Regulation 910/2014". This is an indication that the certificate used to sign the document is qualified.

It is important that the signature date is derived from an embedded timestamp server.