Remote qualified eSignature request

Instructions for purchasing remote qualified eSignature through
HARICA’s CertManager

1. Log in to HARICA CertManager

Visit HARICA’s CertManager and sign up to create your account. Fill in all the necessary fields. Your personal information must be accurate and fully matched (letter-by-letter) with a government-issued identification document.

2. Request for Remote Qualified eSignature

Once you log in, from the side bar, click eSignatures. Then, choose Remote Qualified eSignature and click Select to one of the following certificate types.

Choose the duration of your remote eSignature and click Next.

3. Select and upload identification documents

Select the information you wish to be included in your remote eSignature certificate details.

  • Choosing the default option HARICA will generate a unique 10 digit number.

  • Choosing the advanced option HARICA will include persistent natural person information in your certificate.

    CAUTION! In the special case you select the Tax Identification Number (TIN), in addition to the persistent ID number that you will enter (9-digit TIN), you need to select an additional supporting document as an official identification document which you will upload.

  • Choose eIDAS login if your National eID scheme is NOTIFIED and the Level of assurance is marked as High or Substantial as documented in this list.

You have to make sure that your given name and surname are accurate and fully matched (letter-by-letter) with the information of the uploaded identification document in latin characters. In case they don’t match, please proceed to the appropriate corrections. Optionally, you may choose to add your name and surname with localized characters. Then, click Next.

4. Fill in and upload organization evidence (for IV+OV)

Fill in all the required information regarding your organization.

Verify the validity of your organization either by uploading all the required documents that prove its legal and operational existence (such as Articles of Incorporation, ΦΕΚ) or by providing the National Trade Records (NTR) number if this information is available in public records.

Upload the necessary documents that prove your association with the organization. Then, click Next.

5. Select identity validation method

Choose one of the following identification methods to confirm your personal details. Then, click Next.
CAUTION! The uploaded documents should be in .pdf format.

  • In case you choose method A, your physical presence is required. HARICA’s validators will contact you for more information (e.g. arrange an appointment at HARICA’s Registration Office).

  • In case you choose method B, fill in and digitally sign HARICA’s request form with an existing qualified eSignature (e.g. eToken, smartcard).

6. Review and submit request

Check to make sure that all of the information is correct, accept the Terms of Use, the Certification Practices of HARICA and the Data Privacy Statement. Then, submit your request.

7. Complete transaction

Once the request has been submitted successfully, the next step is to proceed to the payment of your remote eSignature. To do that, click Continue to Payment.

Fill in all the necessary information, click Continue to Payment and you will be redirected to our partner bank’s e-Commerce environment to complete the payment.

Once the payment is complete, you will be redirected back to HARICA’s CertManager confirming the purchase of your Certificate.

8. Wait for validation

Now, your request needs to be approved by HARICA’s validators, who will check and verify the data that you have submitted.

9. Activate account

When the validation of your data is complete, you will be notified by email to proceed with the activation of your remote eSignature account. The message contains your username and the activation code of your remote eSignature account.

At the same time in HARICA’s CertManager, the option to activate your account has appeared. Click Continue to Activation.

Enter the activation code you received by email. Then, click Next
In case the message is deleted or can’t be found, you have the option to resend the email.

Set and confirm the password for your account which you will use to unlock the service. Then, click Next.
CAUTION! It is important to remember the password as, in case of loss, you would have to repeat the request/activation process.

Download on your mobile device (e.g. smartphone, tablet) an authentication application for generating One-Time Passwords (OTPs). Then, scan the QR code through the application and the account “HARICA RemoteSign -username-” will be created.

Fill in the current OTP code from the application and click Complete Activation.

Check the information that will be included in the Certificate. If everything is correct, click Accept.

The activation process of HARICA’s remote eSignature service has been completed. Now you may proceed to sign your documents digitally.